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            HyaRegen? Gel

            • Product Info
            • Clinical Application
            • HyaRegen? Gel Absorbable Adhesion Barrier Gel:

               Description: Abdonimo-pelvic surgical procedures are a frequent cause of adhesion formation, which may induce pelvic pain and/or infertility. These post-surgical adhesions are due to the formation of areas of contact, made of fibrous tissue, between adjacent internal organs. In order to prevent the formation of post-surgical adhesions it is recommended to use a product able to form a barrier against the contact between adjacent tissues, and to remain on the site of application for a period of time sufficient to avoid the formation of adhesion. HyaRegen? Gel is a sterile, transparent and highly viscous gel. The active component is cross-linked molecules of hyluronan (HA) from non-animal source. HA is one of the main components of human connective tissue and of epithelial and mesothelial tissues. The cross-linking process makes HA more viscous and persisting longer in vivo. Therefore, HyaRegen? Gel has increased viscosity and extended residence time, and could also keep the same tolerability and biocompatibility with the original polymer. HyaRegen? Gel is intended to be absorbed for not more than 30 days. One – two weeks after the application, the HyaRegen? Gel is almost completely reabsorbed, no matter what tissue or area was applied. Thanks to its viscosity, HyaRegen? Gel adheres to the tissue surface and creates an anti-adhesion barrier which keeps the adjacent tssues separated during the repair phase subsequent to a surgical procedure.

              Approval number: CE 0123

              Specifications: 10 ml, 20 ml

            • Clinical application:
              HyaRegen? Gel is indicated for the prevention or reduction of post-surgical adhesion formation in the abdomino-pelvic area after laparoscopic/hysteroscopic and open surgical procedures. 

            BioRegen Biomedical (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. 蘇ICP備09086452號-1號  

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