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            Annual Congress on 11th Jan 2019


            Ten years of hard work, ten years of pursuit, looking back on ten years of stormy road.

            The alternation of the four seasons, the high speed of development, co-planning a century-old enterprise.

            In this season full of joy and celebration, we welcome with joy the 10th birthday and the 2019 New Year Celebration of BIOREGEN. Therefore, on this very special day, all members of the big family of BIOREGEN gather to celebrate together.

            In the past ten years, our enterprises have undergone great changes from small to large, from weak to strong, and from domestic to international market development. In the past ten years, our employees have witnessed a step-by-step and down-to-earth leap of from hardship to success, from tenderness to maturity. This process cannot do without our solidarity and cooperation. Therefore, we took this opportunity to hold the Winter Sport Meeting of BIOREGEN to deepen our mutual friendship and tacit understanding.



            Opening Ceremony (Aggressive team names)


            Warm-up before the Sport Meeting

            Our Sport Meeting includes: 1) competitions: 4*100m relay race, basketball set-shoot, long jump and bicycle slow-riding; 2) interesting games in groups: tripod, tortoise and rabbit race, merry big feet, rope jumping and tug-of-war. Despite the cold weather, everyone put their heart and soul into the Sport Meeting.

            After a day's sports, everyone could not wait to move to the hotel, waiting for the start of the annual meeting dinner.


            Very fashionable and special ways of sign-in!

            This annual meeting was to celebrate our company's 10th anniversary. Therefore, we celebrated the 10-year growth of BIOREGEN with a gilding ceremony and a cake ceremony before the formal start of the dinner.


            At this annual meeting, BIOREGEN's young staff produced and performed diversified programs by themselves. The exciting lottery draw pushed the whole party to one climax after another. The chic singing and dancing performance "Lost Love Front Alliance" brought us a wonderful beginning. The single crosstalk "My Animal Year" won our applause. The cute dance string "My Society" made us laugh heartily. The chorus "We Are Different" with self-composed lyrics informed us of the original intention of the marketing staff. The recitation of "Ten Years' Road" brought by the management team of the head office describes the growth process and future development of BIOREGEN. Besides these, there were many programs enjoyed by us both visually and audibly: the inspirational song "Running" brought by the management team of the Marketing Department; the song string brought by the beauties of the Quality Department; the popular dance Sea Grass Dance brought by the Marketing and Tendering departments; the song "The Most Beautiful Expectations" brought by Liu Feifei, a well-known singer of BIOREGEN; and the self-composed short play "A Funny Talk about Sernas" as the finale. How talented the staff of BIOREGEN are! The interactive games which interspersed the process of performance were very lively. Four rounds of lottery draw pushed the atmosphere of the annual meeting to one climax after another. The sixth-generation winner of the grand prize of iPad was Yao Chaofeng, from the Production Department. In the meantime, outstanding new recruits, excellent employees, excellent leaders and excellent departments were also commended, and new appointment letters were also issued to encourage staff to work harder in the future.


            The annual meeting was successfully concluded in a harmonious, amiable, passionate and joyful atmosphere, showing the energetic, positive, united and enterprising spirit of the staff of BIOREGEN. In 2018, we worked hard to achieve satisfactory results together. In 2019, we have the same goals and full confidence. May the next decade of BIOREGEN be more brilliant!


            Group photo

            BioRegen Biomedical (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. 蘇ICP備09086452號-1號  

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