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            News on Chinese medical device industry


            Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: A new batch of enterprises of pharmaceutical and medical equipment are listed on the market


            The Information Center of the Fifth Session of the Twelfth National People's Congress held a press conference at 9:00 on March 11 at the Multifunctional Hall of the Media Center Hotel. Minister Miao Wei, Vice Minister Xin Guobin and Chief Engineer and Press Spokesperson Zhang Feng of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, were invited to answer questions of Chinese and foreign reporters related to "Promoting the Implementation of Made-in-China 2025".

            The reporter from China Radio International and International Online: In recent years, because of product quality, brand, etc., some consumers in China often choose to buy high-end goods from abroad through "haitao.com (overseas buying)" and other means. We have noticed that this year's Government Work Report proposes to create a number of more world-renowned "Chinese brands" to usher China's economic development into a quality era. What practical measures will the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology take to implement these requirements? Thank you.

            Miao Wei: We have also found out that in recent years, with the development of China's tourism, more and more Chinese people go abroad to buy some high-end products; with the development of online shopping, the tide of overseas buying has really come into being.

            In retrospect, China has gone through the era of planned economy, which was an era of product shortage. In that era, our products were in short supply. With more than 30 years of reform and opening up, China's economy has developed tremendously and Chinese people's livelihood has improved enormously. Therefore, it is impossible to meet the needs of all consumers with only one product. In our era, there were only two choices for men's clothes: Chinese tunic suit and military cadre suit, which are grey and blue respectively. In our society today, I hear that it is very rare for a young girl to run across a woman who wears the same clothes as her, and she would feel quite embarrassed. This reflects the changes in consumer demand.

            With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, great changes have taken place to the level of consumption. Consumers not only want to meet their basic needs, but also tend to advocate brand and value, and even polish their appearances. In view of the ever-changing consumer demand, I would like to say that we should give priority to domestic goods.

            This reflects that we still have a problem on the supply side. Although there is excess capacity in many industries, the demand for medium and high-end products still cannot be met. Therefore, in the Government Work Report, the Premier also puts forward the task of promoting stable consumption growth and enhancing the quality level in an all-round way, which points out the direction and puts forward requirements for the transformation and upgrading of the Chinese industry of consumer goods. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will conscientiously implement the Premier's requirements in this regard and try to solve this problem in several aspects.

            First, we should promote structural reform on the supply side. In particular, we should increase the supply of medium and high-end consumer goods. This year, we will organize industry associations to issue guidelines for upgrading and innovating consumer goods, launch a number of personalized, green and fashionable high-quality products, accelerate the transformation of international standardization, comprehensively improve the quality and grade of milk powder, diaper, medicine, toilet cover, rice cooker and other products, and strive to meet consumer demand for high-end products.

            Second, we will further take a special action of "increasing varieties, improving quality and creating brands" in the industry of consumer goods to further enhance the supply capacity. In terms of "increasing varieties", we should further strengthen industrial design of light textile products and creative design of textile clothing; develop smart consumer goods and nutritional and healthy consumer goods; and add a batch of new drugs and medical machines to the market. In terms of "improving quality", we should organize some products to carry out activities of international benchmarking and quality comparison. In particular, we should establish a number of demonstration centers for food quality testing, and add a number of new enterprises of preparations and API to pass the certification of GMP. In terms of "creating brands", we should support some industry associations to build their own brands, cultivate a number of well-known brands of light textiles, support industries and local governments to successfully run major exhibition activities such as consumer goods expositions, and expand the brand reputation and popularity in various ways.

            Third, we should continue to implement smart manufacturing projects to promote the stable improvement of the quality of consumer goods. According to the different characteristics of the industries, we should continue to promote mass customization in the industries of household appliances and textiles to meet the needs of different consumers, and enable enterprises to strengthen innovation in R&D, production, marketing and service modes. We should support and encourage enterprises to change from simple quantitative growth to quality improvement and technological innovation.

            Fourth, we should build a good environment to create more world-renowned "Chinese brands". In particular, we should strengthen market supervision and crack down on counterfeiting and infringement of intellectual property rights. We should also vigorously carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, strengthen vocational education, foster craftsmen' culture, cultivate more skilled craftsmen, and help consumer goods to go to the market, especially the international market. We should increase the export of brand products, rather than non-brand products. This year, we want to increase our support for the development of the industry of consumer goods in the above four aspects.

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